Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia

Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia

In the heart of America, you can find Reading Terminal Market. Known as "the market town" since 1891, this outdoor market is a favorite among travelers, food lovers, and shoppers. Famous for its wide variety of local produce, homewares, artisan goods & much more, this market has more to offer than just your usual farmers market. It's also known as an authentic urban marketplace, having great food, local delicacies & much more. With its fascinating history, it's easy to learn about it through reading its many featured articles & in the Philadelphia Magazine. Here are some things you must know & explore while visiting Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Its name is quite fitting because it basically markets raw materials, home-grown produce, flowers, fruits & vegetables, clothes, gifts, books, antiques & jewelry. What makes Reading Terminal Market unique is its wide array of people, who you can engage regardless of their culture or backgrounds. From African Americans, Caribbean immigrants, Asian Americans, Native American tribes & others, you'll surely be able to find people of the same ethnicity, speaking the same language, speaking the same tongue, eating the same foods, using the same tools, and most importantly, exchanging goods for each other. Because of this, the market is considered a melting pot of cultures, giving each visitor the opportunity to learn more about another's culture. In many ways, you are witness to the Philadelphia culture melting into another culture.

The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia was founded by Reading Railroad. A steam engine called the Reading Electric Engine powered the first locomotive from Reading, PA. This company has been transforming Reading, PA since it began. It is today one of the most well-known attractions in the Reading Terminal Market and a famous gathering place for local Philadelphians, travelers, and tourists alike.

When the railroad was built, the area around the station was designed with residential and commercial areas in mind. Residents would live in the station and merchants would set up shop there. It was also conveniently located near the Reading Railroad tracks. Over the years, the market became a gathering place for Philadelphia's diverse community. Reading Terminal Market has witnessed many changes and improvisations since its inception. It has become an entertainment center for the city's growing community.

Reading Terminal Market has been reinvented as a shopping and food destination. There are now five restaurants inside the market where you can shop and dine. Two of the restaurants offer non-food services like wine and beer. Apart from the restaurants, there is also a non-profit bookstore within the market itself. This bookstore offers books and magazines on everything philatelic. It also hosts various events from time to time.

In the center of Reading Terminal Market is the "Shoppes on Market," which houses 80 merchants specializing in ethnic foods. This section has been a successful business operation ever since its inception. The market serves Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, European, and more. You will find everything from Chinese and Japanese dishes to Middle Eastern delicacies and meats here.

The Reading Railroad, one of the original railroads to arrive in Philadelphia, stopped its operations in the early 20th century. However, it did leave a strong impact on the area. People who live in Reading have made the railway home their town's central location. As a result, a Reading Terminal Market that features the Reading Railroad's original architecture can be seen here. The Market has been revitalized and redesigned to complement the original railroad aesthetic. In fact, even the signage and advertising that you see here have been retained as relevant to today's market.

If you love eating out, then you need to check out some of the fine dining and cafes around the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Magazine calls Reading the "publishing capital" of the United States. Considered as one of America's "Cultural Capital," Philadelphia is filled with venues, events, and people that will ensure your every vacation is a success. Whether you want to shop, dine, walk, or get involved in an event, Philadelphia is a great place to visit. Start planning your vacation now!

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